ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  • Steve Hughes
    Steve Hughes45 perccel

    Based off Abba' hair it's more a representation of early 1977 and not 1979.

  • schuwey jm
    schuwey jm48 perccel

    Wouah ce sourir à 2:02 un ange

  • Esmindo Cuda
    Esmindo Cuda56 perccel

    Very nostalgic comeback of the legend...

  • MartaPD2


  • mikeletsoll

    ABBA TOTAL !!!!!!!!

  • MrsLesleyOlivia

    I still have faith in you I see it now Through all these years that faith lives on Somehow There was a union Of heart and mind The likes of which are rare And, oh, so hard to find Do I have it in me? I believe it is in there For I know I hear a bittersweet song In the memories we share I still have faith in you And I will say I never really thought I'd feel this way But I remind myself Of who we are How inconceivable it is to reach this far Do I have it in me? I believe it is in there For I know I hear a bittersweet song In the memories we share We do have it in us New spirit has arrived The joy and the sorrow We have a story and it survived And we need one another Like fighters in a ring We're in this together Passion and courage is everything I still have faith in you It stands above The crazy things we did It all comes down to love Do I have it in me? I believe it is in there For I know I hear a bittersweet song In the memories we share Do I have it in me? We do have it in us New spirit has arrived The joy and the sorrow We have a story and it survived And we know that we need one another Like fighters in a ring We're in this together Passion and courage is everything and we still have it in us We've only just begun (Do I have it in me?) We stand on a summit Humble and grateful to have survived I still have faith in you It's stands above the crazy things we did It all comes down to love Do I have it in me?

  • marli silva
    marli silvaÓrája

    Amamos vocês hoje e sempre! ❤️🤩🤩❤️🏁

  • Hemal Varia
    Hemal VariaÓrája


  • Kelly Cruz
    Kelly CruzÓrája

    Pq demoraram tanto ? ABBA faz parte de boas memórias que tenho.

  • Torika Waqanivau
    Torika Waqanivau2 órája

    We still have faith in you, yes it is very much in you ABBA, you are absolutely phenomenal beautiful legends 🙏

  • Robert Heikkinen
    Robert Heikkinen2 órája

    Once again after 40 years we have a music revolution again! This will change the the music industry for a long time forward! Welcome back ABBA! AMAZING!!! WHO would have belived it?

  • krister karlehem
    krister karlehem2 órája


  • Chris Howls
    Chris Howls2 órája

    4:07 anyone else noticing how, after she hugged the other members, doesn't hug Björn but just stops and gives him a look? Like she has forgiven, but a distance will keep. We know Abba likes to put even the most private affairs in their songs. I'm probably wrong.

  • Der Macha
    Der Macha2 órája

    Love ❤️🧡💚❤️🧡💚❤️🧡💚❤️🧡💚🧡🧡

  • Floraviolin
    Floraviolin2 órája

    I need to see you one day 🥺🥺 Come to Sweden !!!! Plz 🥺👉👈

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    2 órája

    The ABBAtars should perform in Stockholm as well as Australia and maybe New York, I think. Sounds very high tech and costly, but way cooool!!!

  • Kai Wolf
    Kai Wolf3 órája

    Endlich... Nach 40 Jahren ein Comeback, welches seinesgleichen sucht. Eine sagenhafte Band ist zurück.

  • yssa1968
    yssa19683 órája

    My love!!!!

  • Massive Explosion
    Massive Explosion3 órája

    Welcome back. Sound as great as you always have.

  • Jorge Ramella
    Jorge Ramella3 órája

    the best song ABBA 2021 thanks ABBA thanks FRIDA

  • Dorian s
    Dorian s3 órája

    They once again have put the smiles & tears on millions faces.... sweet memories.

  • Jan Olsakovsky
    Jan Olsakovsky4 órája

    So beautiful

  • shevi prasad
    shevi prasad5 órája

    So emotional n nostalgia...they still sound the same ..

  • Hector Orlando Perez
    Hector Orlando Perez5 órája

    How beautiful ABBA's music was, they were and will continue to be the best; in good time his return.

  • Lesley Miller
    Lesley Miller5 órája

    Yes Perfect timing ABBA even my 13 year old boy is loving your new tracks 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • jérome le floch
    jérome le floch5 órája


  • Mylo Kline
    Mylo Kline5 órája

    Abba die-hard fans will swallow whethever they crank out but this new material is so disappointing. They (or someone in the band) probably ran out of money

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex


    @Carl Harris Reality check is this.At 75 Frida sounds amazing and no we don't swallow anything.I was dreading the new songs in case they disappointed but they have way exceeded my expectations.Well done Abba!

  • Carl Harris

    Carl Harris

    3 órája

    I agree. It is very overrated and dull musically. I am baffled why they decided to release tracks so obviously reliant on past clichés. The solo vocals just sound rough. Hardly their best. As you said, fans will go mad on anything new because it's them. I get that, but a reality check is needed

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    4 órája

    This is not disappointing. This is actually EPIC and inspirational. As for money, they're all almost billionaires. They don't need money.

  • TheRickie41
    TheRickie415 órája

    Impressive. I'm really touched.

  • Den Plummer
    Den Plummer5 órája

    21 million views in just 2 weeks remarkable. Well we are talking about ABBA.

  • Mr.Nobody
    Mr.Nobody5 órája

    Joyfull song

  • Синергетикс
    Синергетикс5 órája

    Эти голоса из детства ... НЕТ СЛОВ. Потрясающая АВВА, как всегда гениальная, сильная и добрая

  • Cazaciuc Maria
    Cazaciuc Maria5 órája

    Very nice Abba .👍👍👍👍

  • Кирилл Прокудин
    Кирилл Прокудин5 órája

    Викинги опять на волне!!!

  • Nick Nick
    Nick Nick6 órája

    Beautiful, Just beautiful

  • Tertsi Tervi
    Tertsi Tervi6 órája

    Thank YOU for the music ABBA!! You are special good.. TACK SÅ MYCKET

  • Celine Sark
    Celine Sark6 órája

    Legends 🙏💗

  • Farerets
    Farerets6 órája

    Они вернули надежду В самый тяжелый час Есть музыка А есть что-то неземное Это они

  • Joseph Borg
    Joseph Borg6 órája

    these lyrics apply to all those who are in love no matter what age and for those who are cold-hearted to apply them in their lives to re-boost again their love. Thank you ABBA you are immortal for me. XXX

  • Rate kaila Explore
    Rate kaila Explore6 órája

    Wtf was in Stockholm last week and now this !!!!!! Thank you

  • Chris Fondoklis
    Chris Fondoklis6 órája

    ABBA just took the entire Pop world to school !

  • Jobian Lamare
    Jobian Lamare6 órája


  • Master Siriapro 007
    Master Siriapro 0076 órája


  • Виктор Ватноскрепоносов
    Виктор Ватноскрепоносов6 órája

    Просто подарок для любителей хорошей музыки!

  • Виктор Ватноскрепоносов
    Виктор Ватноскрепоносов6 órája


  • Brooklyn Road
    Brooklyn Road7 órája

    wow. stunning. what can you say

  • Наталья Шилина
    Наталья Шилина7 órája

    Спасибо за всё что было ими создано.💖

  • Ilse Jacobs
    Ilse Jacobs7 órája

    I love this song❤️

  • Dennis Tschirner | Vocalist
    Dennis Tschirner | Vocalist7 órája

    ABBA, "We Still Have Faith In You"!!! They stopped their career two years before I was born. And now I can buy my first new ABBA-album! Crazy?! 👍❤😮

  • ileana marie
    ileana marie7 órája

    I have to go to a concert. I just know I need to experience this in real life and My mom needs to go she’s adores abba and we both are so happy y’all came back literally medicine to my heart !

  • Nuno Jardim
    Nuno Jardim7 órája

    Angels do walk the earth.

  • A_Odair Santos
    A_Odair Santos8 órája

    When Agnetha and Bjorn join.........

  • Maik Lorenz
    Maik Lorenz8 órája

    Bin begeistert das abba wieder da sind,egal wie. Album ist pflichtkauf für mich.

  • Robert Janko
    Robert Janko8 órája

    Just came home from Västervik. Hälsningar fran Hamburg! I have never been a great Abba fan, but I can sing almost all of their songs. I think that says it all.

    JONAS D8 órája


  • Wolf SkyTrain Media
    Wolf SkyTrain Media8 órája

    I cannot stop watching and listening to this. Thank You Abba and all the Team for coming back for us :) x

  • валерий Силин
    валерий Силин8 órája

    Супер!замечательно!рад снова слышать.

  • Milton Diaz Velando
    Milton Diaz Velando8 órája

    could not come back in a better way

  • O.L. Railsback
    O.L. Railsback8 órája

    Rated Swedes will bury the Beatles and others! I am for it!

  • king of pop moonwalker
    king of pop moonwalker8 órája

    Eternal is our love for you💖

  • M. L.
    M. L.8 órája

    Cudowne! Dzieki, że się zjednoczyliscie! Przypomnieliście moją młodość i znów uwierzyłam, że cuda się zdarzają. Niech Wam Bóg błogosławi ❤️

  • сергей Гончаренко
    сергей Гончаренко8 órája

    АВВА ВЕЧНА как Жизнь Музыка АВВА несёт в мир ЛЮБОВЬ .СЧАСТЬЕ и РАДОСТЬ.....

  • Frank Müller
    Frank Müller8 órája

    Das ist unglaublich.Hauen einfach mal so das beste was es die letzten Jahre an neuer Musik so gegeben hat raus. vielen dank abba

  • Gerald Gersten

    Gerald Gersten

    3 órája

    Bin 100% dabei, aber da wird einem doch, erschreckenderweise, die Flachheit, der "modernen" Musik bewusst!!

  • king of pop moonwalker
    king of pop moonwalker8 órája

    I don't wanna cry...😢💖

  • Nancy Milawski

    Nancy Milawski

    4 órája

    Then just smile and keep smiling. 😃😃😃

  • selai morin
    selai morin8 órája

    I watch this over and over againnnn.

  • Angela Engelen
    Angela Engelen8 órája

    I am very happy that they are making music again.

  • Catherine G
    Catherine G8 órája

    ABBA FOREVER!!!!!!

  • Kritiker313
    Kritiker3139 órája

    For what it's worth, they still have it in them! This song really shows off the soft and warm quality of Frida's voice. I was 14 in 1974 when I heard Waterloo for the first time. I was sitting with my transistor radio in hand (that's what we called them back then) on the front lawn of my neighbor's house being blown away with awe at the soaring harmony of the girls' voices. It wasn't until another friend kept playing Eagle on an LP that I began to realize that this was the same band with the Waterloo single - this was ABBA! They create sophisticated, artfully constructed pop songs that feature the magical voices of Frida and Agnetha - Simply brilliant!

  • Sue Alder

    Sue Alder

    2 órája

    Love them both, and together, Wow!

  • Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank9 órája

    Why👩‍🦰🧑‍🦰👩🧑🎵 ABBA disbanded❓

  • Jerzy Kozłowski

    Jerzy Kozłowski

    8 órája

    In 1982 they were in their late 30ies, so considered "ancient" for the pop market, it was also kind of "uncool" to like them, I remember. It was only later that they got real recognition for their wonderful music.

  • Billy Murray Fan
    Billy Murray Fan9 órája

    Garbage music from a grabage band. I like a million times better American Quartet and Peerless Quartet. Abba sucks shit

  • Niko Bellic

    Niko Bellic

    7 órája

    i bet he left a dislike as well lmao what a fool what the hell is a grabage?

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    8 órája

    What a nasty person.Why even bother coming on and saying that? Really do not get people like you.Way too much time on your hands.Why not stick 4 headphones on and listen to one of your other Peardrop Quartets 4 times!

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    8 órája

    Well, the WORLD says you're WRONG AS SH!T! Also, no one asked you.

  • Ian Pearson

    Ian Pearson

    8 órája

    Who? Never heard of them, need I say more🤔

  • jossie assie

    jossie assie

    9 órája

    Is that why you are here? just to tell us this? Thanks...

  • Wojact Taki
    Wojact Taki9 órája

    Why is the song I am a Marionette still in my head ?

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    3 órája

    @Paul Lehmor Yes, we are. We the people. Trolls do not exist. Demons/devils exist - they are spiritual beings and they try to separate us from God and want to take control over our mind and our soul and destroy us and the whole world compeletly. They created neomarksism that covers the world as a dark shadow. So we should turn to God like a flower turns toward the sun. By the way: neomarksism - it reminds me the song called Elaine which is one of my favourite one of that very talented band - talent up to the 4th power :-).

  • Paul Lehmor

    Paul Lehmor

    3 órája

    @Wojact Taki It was not far back in history when people living in the Nordic countryside still believed in trolls and demons. But considering what the world looks like today I wonder if they (the people) are still around after all.

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    4 órája

    ​@Paul Lehmor Just like in Twin Peaks No, Thank you. I do not like dark places and mysterious beings. I have a strong and living faith in God. I am Catholic and love everything that is true, pure and full of light.

  • Paul Lehmor

    Paul Lehmor

    4 órája

    @Wojact Taki In an interview in the Swedish publication Nöjesguiden in March 2015, BA talks about the process behind The Kiss. Both the film director and BA had the tune Skallgång (Eng. battue) in mind as an inspiration for The Kiss. Skallgång takes you to the northern Swedish mountains and dark woodlands, populated by mysterious beings:

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    5 órája

    @Paul Lehmor By the way the end of the theme and the picture of the movie in a clip I found reminds me the Twin Peaks.

  • cathy smyth
    cathy smyth9 órája

    My youth ABBA huge part of my teenage years! This moved me to tears. Thankyou for the music welcome back! ❤️

  • Владимир Владимирович
    Владимир Владимирович9 órája


  • Michael John
    Michael John9 órája

    There is no shame in crying whether young or old.ABBA is back.

  • Lou Nolastname

    Lou Nolastname

    4 órája

    @Billy Murray Fan why are you commenting your sad shite on lots of ABBA videos, you 🔔end

  • Billy Murray Fan

    Billy Murray Fan

    9 órája

    It is not a chame to cry of beautiful songs recorded by Henry Burr

  • Marcos Mendes Vídeos
    Marcos Mendes Vídeos9 órája

    It´s very interesting to realise that listeng to their new songs make us believe that ABBA had never stop singing.

  • Саудовский Дневник - Saudi Diaries
    Саудовский Дневник - Saudi Diaries9 órája

    This song makes me crying... The same feeling as when listening to Deep Purple's "Surprising"... How old we are...

  • Chris Bingham
    Chris Bingham9 órája

    True talent will always shine through. It certainly does here !

  • Paul Lehmor

    Paul Lehmor

    5 órája

    That and a lot of hard and dedicated work!

  • Skyler Borg
    Skyler Borg10 órája

    According to Billboard, the 2 new songs are on the Global charts at #26(Shut) and #37(Faith) and ABBA Gold has gone up to #3 in the UK, and surged from #114 to #34 in the US. Digital sales of Dancing Queen in US hot 100 is re-enterening #19 (314% surge), Shut enters at #32.

  • Dietus K
    Dietus K10 órája

    Still the Greatest!

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    8 órája

    @Billy Murray Fan Really no one asked you...and the WORLD says you're WRONG.

  • Lisa M

    Lisa M

    8 órája

    @Billy Murray Fan Then why are you here? Go and watch your favourite bands and don't bother us.

  • Billy Murray Fan

    Billy Murray Fan

    9 órája

    Really not. I hate Abba

  • Jose Donizete de Andrade
    Jose Donizete de Andrade10 órája

    Q dlç eu amo

  • Inland Watch Reviews
    Inland Watch Reviews10 órája

    Amazing how these voices from heaven can make the whole world happy.

  • Fred Poésie
    Fred Poésie10 órája


  • Madeleine King
    Madeleine King10 órája

    Love it!!

  • Keith Austin - Brisbane
    Keith Austin - Brisbane10 órája

    This would have to be one of the best applications of CG. Certainly makes us believe it is the "Younger" ABBA performing on the stage. That said, their voices are as good as they were in their heyday. Yes I am 61 and remember "ABBA Mania" they were great then and by the sounds of it they are STILL GREAT.

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    8 órája

    This IS one of the best applications of CGI. That is EXACTLY what they are doing.

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    10 órája

    The digital ABBAstars on stage will be more versatile according to Benny's son. The CGs in the video are fun to look at a glimpse of what's to come, but the digital ABBA made of light will give them more real life dynamics and versatility to change them some is what I understand, maybe address the audience differently or their performance is changed some...

  • Funkywallot
    Funkywallot11 órája

    I like the abbatars. But one I dont find convincing is the expression in the eyes. That is when you realize that they are not humans

  • Funkywallot


    9 órája

    @Wojact Taki LOL. Yes that explains it well

  • Wojact Taki

    Wojact Taki

    9 órája

    Since eyes are a mirror of a soul and those digital puppets have no spirits. They are artificial.

  • Funkywallot


    10 órája

    @Skyler Borg ok. Glad you took your time to explain it. Are you in the Abbatar-project ?

  • Funkywallot


    10 órája

    @Skyler Borg " made of light" ? What do you mean ? The final rendering is better ? Im beginning to understand the complexity of human expression (The eyes) and to translate it into a believable digital image , one of the hardest things to get right. It takes millseconds for anybody to conclude its fake and a little awkward. Maybe Im over reacting. Im glad they are back

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    10 órája

    These were just CG examples to give a glimpse of the digital light( not holograms) ABBAtars will do. Expect more. Check out Benny's son's explanation.

  • Enrique Godoy
    Enrique Godoy11 órája

    A beautiful song beautifully sung by Annifrid. Thanks ABBA !

  • Lucinda Lincoln
    Lucinda Lincoln11 órája

    Welcome home.

  • Colz
    Colz12 órája

    I was expecting this to have about 1billion views

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    3 órája

    It's only been 2 weeks. 21 million+ views in 2 weeks. It will have 1 billion views eventually.

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    10 órája

    I've watched it more than a billion times...

  • lazan lazan
    lazan lazan12 órája

    Its amazing how many memories people share about this group!

  • David Inman
    David Inman13 órája

    It must feel strange to have lived you life on repeat the way they have

  • Judith Pritchard
    Judith Pritchard13 órája

    My favourite group of all time, the bee gees were a close second but ABBA is the best

  • Phillipa71
    Phillipa7113 órája


  • Judith Pritchard
    Judith Pritchard13 órája

    My favourite group of all time, the bee gees were a close second but ABBA is the best

  • Odessia 2021
    Odessia 202113 órája

    Welcome back Abba

  • iso shun
    iso shun14 órája

    Dancing Queen

  • Jan Kowal
    Jan Kowal14 órája

    WHAT DOES ABBA REALLY MEAN? IN HEBREW MEANS GOD OUR FATHER AND - There’s a sacredness in calling God , a reminder of who we are addressing-the holy Lord of all. I hope they know that.

  • Claudina Galindo

    Claudina Galindo


    @Jan Kowal so what's your problem?

  • Nancy Milawski

    Nancy Milawski

    4 órája

    @Jan Kowal not necessarily to the group. They picked the name in the early 70s.

  • Jan Kowal

    Jan Kowal

    5 órája

    @Claudina Galindo You think I do not know that!!! But there is another meaning of this word!

  • Claudina Galindo

    Claudina Galindo

    10 órája

    ABBA is an acronym formed from the first letters of each group member's Anni frid, Björn, Benny and Agnetha!

  • zırvamanya
    zırvamanya14 órája

    that's amazing

  • Watchflex Watchflex
    Watchflex Watchflex14 órája

    Abba may have dropped down the official charts but let us not forget that in the first 3 or 4 days of release they were number one and two in many European countries on the iTunes charts and top 5 in many others.Masdive initial impact. If you want Abba higher in the official chart you have to stream? Not know how or where? Neither did I until these songs were released,so I found out.Learn how guys and we can get Abba back up the official charts.If Ed Sheeran and Drake fans can do it,so can we!

  • Terry C.

    Terry C.

    3 órája

    Official charts are usually based on radio requests and plays. Yes, in the age of the internet, now it is also about streams and downloads.

  • Watchflex Watchflex

    Watchflex Watchflex

    9 órája

    @Skyler Borg Best way is simply to have either Spotify,Apple Music or iTunes and then leave the songs on repeat.It's that simple.

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    10 órája

    Ok, so there are games they play to reach us all how to do it! I can run multiple windows and loop run them all.....

  • Leslie Pun
    Leslie Pun14 órája

    When a great melody stays in your head, you know it's special. ABBA will always be on the top of my musical alphabet.