ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video)

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Director: Mike Anderson
Producer: Nick Barratt
Production Company: Able

Music video by ABBA performing Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video). A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  • MY Saari
    MY Saari8 perccel

    Amazing song. Great come back ABBA!

  • Just a Swede
    Just a Swede12 perccel

    ABBA - Wow!

  • crowbaby5
    crowbaby535 perccel

    It's ABBA's world...we are lucky enough to be living in it!

  • MrSamsky
    MrSamsky38 perccel

    The song is amazing, but the vocal has way, way too many artifacts from digital pitch correction.

  • Plague Birds
    Plague Birds47 perccel

    Es maravilloso volver a tenerlos de vuelta, el mundo los necesitaba 👏🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • Tee
    Tee47 perccel

    Brilliant !!!!!!

  • Leigh Ann
    Leigh AnnÓrája

    Only two weeks and I already have this stuck in my head like it was an original. They are purely talented, so nice to read how they have touched everyone here 😍

  • Hairy Richardson
    Hairy RichardsonÓrája

    "And now you see another me, I've been reloaded, yeah, I'm fired up, don't shut me down .... I'm like a dream within a dream that's been decoded ... I'm fired up, I'm hot , don't shut me down!" .... love these lyrics! Damn these are awesome lyrics!

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    47 perccel

    1,000 thumbs up

  • Poetic Justice
    Poetic JusticeÓrája

    Both new songs have such strong rhythms and vibes. It is the sound of their all-conquering spiritual unity. Because, as they say, love conquers all.

  • Edyta Gajewska
    Edyta GajewskaÓrája

    Piosenka którą można słuchać bez końca.....Mistrzostwo jak wszystkie piosenki Abby. Cudowny powrót 😘😘😘😘Thank You Abba😘😘😘😘

  • MartaPD2

    this is so beautiful im gonna tear up

  • mikeletsoll

    ABBA IS BACK!!!!!!!! SWEDEN 12 POINTS !!! :)

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo2 órája

    This song is better than any song on the charts today.

  • frasseh
    frasseh2 órája


  • Ricardo
    Ricardo2 órája

    lets go for another 10 Millions!!!!!!!!

  • Christine Berg
    Christine Berg2 órája

    Brilliant! ✨💫

  • Lyndsey Brian
    Lyndsey Brian3 órája

    Yay and welcome back.....Happy dance 🕺

  • rahulphoen
    rahulphoen3 órája

    Oh man their voices together are the best thing ever! I doubt if this world would ever have another Frida and Agnetha

  • Carl Harris
    Carl Harris3 órája

    This overhyped song and the Faith song are unoriginal, full of obvious 70's pop song clichés. Why they are being lauded as the greatest thing shows how out of proportion things have got regarding this group. They did admittedly produce some very decent pop songs in their time, but unfortunately they also always did have a tendency towards syrupy blatantly commercial populism, typified by songs like Fernando, Chiquitita and I Have a Dream. These songs in all honesty ain't much better and the vocal solos unfortunately need auto tune because they sound rough. 'Aged like fine wine' I keep seeing fans trying to convince themselves .. really? I don't want to sound harsh as I thought they did achieve some quality stuff in the past.

  • SilentKnight43


    2 órája

    "Carl Harris Greatest Hits" - said no one ever.

  • Mary Esposito

    Mary Esposito

    2 órája

    Lighten up!

  • Cidermate A

    Cidermate A

    3 órája

    Everyone to their own! To me pure ABBA pop music, your comment could apply to any musical group

  • Ray Halfeld
    Ray Halfeld3 órája

    Beautiful album

  • Karol Giedrojc
    Karol Giedrojc3 órája

    Super Musik und ideologischer Text

  • Mi Tr
    Mi Tr3 órája

    ☀️☀️Best Band of the World👍👍!

  • Mi Tr
    Mi Tr3 órája

    🤗Niceeeer Song👍👍👍👍!

  • Maria Esperanza B.
    Maria Esperanza B.4 órája

    La letra tan ingeniosa, la melodía, las voces lo bien que encajan, los arreglos musicales... Una canción perfecta. ¡Qué buen gusto!

  • Sebastian Zmener
    Sebastian Zmener4 órája

    The only thing I didn't like of this song is the piano arrangements, they seem sampled from old ABBA songs. Actually the song is good enough to depend on 70's reminiscences. That's my humble opinion, but it's a little critic within a HUGE work that includes an original show for which I hope to be there.

  • Lindon ESC

    Lindon ESC

    4 órája

    You're confusing citation and style with sample. And even if, what's wrong with sampling your very own work? "I'm now and then combined"

  • Kauch
    Kauch4 órája

    shit song

  • moonytoast


    3 órája

    go touch some grass bro

  • Ian Pearson

    Ian Pearson

    3 órája

    Can't be that shit has you had to check it out 😉

  • Skyler Borg

    Skyler Borg

    4 órája

    Quit being a c**t!!!

  • Kimmo Korhonen
    Kimmo Korhonen4 órája

    I just love

  • andy kay
    andy kay4 órája

    Can't stop listening to both songs. We've been deprived of some decent music for years now. Thank you ABBA for giving us that. You've put a smile on my face

  • Celluloidkid
    Celluloidkid5 órája

    Needs radio play in Phoenix Arizona!!!!

  • saqibqadri
    saqibqadri5 órája

    ABBA Heaven!!!!

  • Carlos Ambros
    Carlos Ambros5 órája

    beautiful!!! this is my best present. Thank you for this. We hope more and more songs

  • Александр Попович
    Александр Попович6 órája

    Это уже классика на все времена.

  • Stefan Unterberger
    Stefan Unterberger6 órája

    those voices, the harmony, the melody, this feeling .... ABBA is back 😍

  • welp
    welp6 órája

    Hi older me

  • Maribel Mespaque
    Maribel Mespaque6 órája


  • Alkozavrius
    Alkozavrius6 órája


  • Steve Edward
    Steve Edward6 órája

    This is one of their very best! We waited so long and they didn’t disappoint us! The whole song is perfect but from 2:33 onwards something magical happens as it builds to the second chorus. I can’t stop listening to it

  • Maxim Potter
    Maxim Potter6 órája

    That's the solid proof that there's no death

  • Sandra Nikolic
    Sandra Nikolic6 órája

    The besst ever

  • Joseph Borg
    Joseph Borg6 órája


  • Виктор Ватноскрепоносов
    Виктор Ватноскрепоносов6 órája


  • Finn Melhedegaard
    Finn Melhedegaard7 órája

    god musik hvor kan køben den

  • Lukacs Eduard
    Lukacs Eduard7 órája

    Timeless band

  • James Watkin
    James Watkin7 órája

    This makes you realise what we’ve missed. 39 years it took for them to get back together to continue their legacy.

  • iCe Media Productions
    iCe Media Productions7 órája

    2021 has ABBA - No matter what happened last year or for the rest of this year, this is what the world needed desperately

  • Andres Santamaria
    Andres Santamaria7 órája

    Algo le faltaba a mi corazón musical.... el dia de este lanzamento se completó...!! ABBA, uno de los nas grandes grupos del pop de todos los tiempos...¡¡ Larga vida para ABBA!! 👍💖✨🙏⚡🤘🎤🎸🎹🎼🥢

  • Bill Kenny
    Bill Kenny7 órája

    I can't remember the last time I put a song on a loop and listened to it over and over and over again. G-d Bless ABBA.

  • Fokke Kraak
    Fokke Kraak7 órája

    Is it just me or are the rythms of this new song very compatible with this one: lets be clear, I love this new song, but there is a form of recognition to earlier work.

  • Андрей Бурцев
    Андрей Бурцев8 órája

    Господи!! Мы дожили!!! АББА снова поет!! И опять мелодия крутится в голове уже со второго прослушивания... магия....

  • Robert Janko
    Robert Janko8 órája

    I didnt know I missed you that much.

  • Jukka Miettinen
    Jukka Miettinen8 órája

  • сергей Гончаренко
    сергей Гончаренко8 órája

    АВВА ВЕЧНА как Жизнь Музыка АВВА несёт в мир ЛЮБОВЬ .СЧАСТЬЕ и РАДОСТЬ..

  • Giulia Cagnaneri
    Giulia Cagnaneri8 órája

    This song made my year 😭❤️❤️ so happy you're back together 😍❤️❤️❤️

  • d z e f d e t
    d z e f d e t9 órája

    this is the Abba Sound, thanks :-)

  • dolly elia
    dolly elia9 órája

    The lyrics have a really strong meaning it actually tells us how the band got separated but Now they forgived each other

  • Achiropita Cutolo
    Achiropita Cutolo9 órája

    Italiani a rapportoooo, questa canzone era ciò di cui avevamo bisogno🥺❤️ Thank you ABBA💕

  • Jean-Pierre Rouillier
    Jean-Pierre Rouillier9 órája

    I am obsessed with that song It’s on a loop 🔂 for the past few days Genuinely refreshing

  • Anthony Burton
    Anthony Burton9 órája

    Thanks Abba. One of the greatest bands of all time with the Beatles, Queen and Oasis.

  • King Julien

    King Julien

    7 órája

    Oasis?? You are kidding us, don't you?

  • Thomas Siwicicki
    Thomas Siwicicki9 órája

    1:14 yeah, that trap based ligatement is underrated

  • Nuno Jardim
    Nuno Jardim9 órája

    Where do you go after listening to ABBA?

  • ainigriv 🕊🐈
    ainigriv 🕊🐈9 órája

    I want there album!!! Awesome. The more I listen the more I love it. Contagious. ❤👍

  • Александр Кузьменко
    Александр Кузьменко9 órája


  • Lucy Mowles
    Lucy Mowles9 órája

    i’m obsessed like badly obsessed

  • Damian
    Damian10 órája

    ABBA tiene que estar en la final de Eurovision 2022!!! Seria algo espectacular y magnifico!!!

    ALKEMI10 órája

    Love is returning to the world in a higher resonance and greater scope 💖 healing is abundant for us all

  • Best Off
    Best Off10 órája

    Pure Abba....Time changes anything.....Abba "time travellers"

  • Wojact Taki
    Wojact Taki10 órája

    And now you see another me, too

  • Madeleine King
    Madeleine King10 órája


  • Jáder de Oliveira
    Jáder de Oliveira11 órája

    Beautiful lyrics! Abba is better than never! I'm Glad by this return. They released too few works, but always great works.

  • Skyler Borg
    Skyler Borg11 órája

    The more I listen to their new songs, the more I fall in love with them!....these are amazing pop tunes...

  • Eyntraa
    Eyntraa11 órája

    Now i really understand the song legends never die

  • Brice Martin
    Brice Martin11 órája

    Far better than the disco stuff they made at the end...!

  • Blue Amy

    Blue Amy

    10 órája

    Disco album Voulez-Vous was in 1979. Super Trouper (1980) and The Visitors (1981) are not disco albums...

  • Tonton Flingueur
    Tonton Flingueur11 órája

    This is brilliant. This song is an instant classic.

  • Владимир Владимирович
    Владимир Владимирович11 órája


  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller12 órája

    Still brilliant as ever

  • Emil Seva
    Emil Seva12 órája

    Al Bano e Romina Power approved 👌🏻🇮🇹

  • Emil Seva
    Emil Seva12 órája


  • Pedro Santos
    Pedro Santos12 órája

    Great song!

  • Bobby Gabriel
    Bobby Gabriel13 órája

    If you listen to the words she is speaking to her audience, not some guy.

  • Jack Street

    Jack Street

    10 órája

    Right, she is speaking to us, you and me. But Björn almost always had a ambiguous text, maybe its Björn and Agneta?

  • Alinnna LC
    Alinnna LC13 órája

    Дизлайки поставили люди под препаратами😂😂😂

  • Christiane THELL, MSc.
    Christiane THELL, MSc.13 órája

    Thank you a thousand times....!!!! ABBA forever!!!

  • Louis Brooksiefan
    Louis Brooksiefan15 órája

    A motive for pride to mankind 💛🙏

  • Anthony Hoiland
    Anthony Hoiland15 órája

    both the songs have made me cry with tears of joy -- ABBA

  • Julie Bice
    Julie Bice15 órája

    Love The new songs

  • Raima Isa
    Raima Isa15 órája

    I wasn't even a fan a couple of weeks ago, why am I crying... ❤️

  • Samuele Mozzi
    Samuele Mozzi15 órája

    Wow Abba💓💓💓

  • Panos Keyn
    Panos Keyn15 órája

    I'm bowling right now,once Again Ahh, we're so lucky!😭❤️

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons16 órája

    Beautiful .

  • Moses Serukwaya
    Moses Serukwaya16 órája

    The strange thing about ABBA is that unlike many other bands their music is always youngish and fit for every generation their music never ages they are so lucky

  • Daunia Pandanese
    Daunia Pandanese16 órája

    This song is going to change the landscape of the present day music. Hands down.

  • Dave Mulder
    Dave Mulder16 órája

    One word: quality

    HUNGRY NUTZ16 órája

    mmm i wonder if the words might have been better to this song maybe its just me /love from hungrynutz xxxxx

  • Duane Beamsley
    Duane Beamsley16 órája

    After having to wear these Masks during covid, this song made me breathe again!!! Thank you Abba and Welcome back!! I have missed you xxx Pls come to New Zealand!!

  • Jonny 01
    Jonny 0117 órája

    Kaum kehrt ABBA zurück wird die Musik wieder gut. Das was sonst so in den Charts vertreten ist, kann man sich ja nicht anhören, aber das hier ist endlich wieder Musik, die nicht pop kommerziell gesteuert ist, sondern von genialen Köpfe geschrieben wurde.

  • Bernd Händeler

    Bernd Händeler

    7 órája

    Genau meine meinung ein toller song typisch ABBA Genial das sie wieder zurück sind!!😍😍😍😍

  • E473 Tarlac
    E473 Tarlac17 órája


  • Paolo Vaglio
    Paolo Vaglio17 órája

    Sitting at my desk, moving my foot to this rhythm, while the irresistible sound of Abba enters within me. Welcome back Abba, we missed you guys!!!

  • Надежда Суракова
    Надежда Суракова17 órája

    Как прекрасна музыка!!!!!!

  • jeffrey manders
    jeffrey manders17 órája

    often it is also the case that the music is revived when the artist is no longer there. abba managed to wake people up before that time! With a great song that has the qualities like the songs of the past. After my opinion: this is proof and a reminder that no real music has been made in recent years.

  • Jasna Župan
    Jasna Župan17 órája

    Thank God after almost 40 years, ABBA are back with their magnificent songs! This one is addiction to me! Greetings from Croatia! And of course thank you for the music!!