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Diablo II: Resurrected | Cinematic Trailer


  • Jeff the Grave Guy
    Jeff the Grave Guy13 perccel

    Now we need Warcraft 2 and 3 remade and we're set

  • scott murphy
    scott murphy2 órája


  • 행동
    행동3 órája


  • Mahalleinir_WoT
    Mahalleinir_WoT4 órája

    I just wish Blizzard wasn't so garbage with their toxic culture..l I love this franchise a lot, but I probably won't get it until they clean up as a company.

  • Nicky German LGR FAN
    Nicky German LGR FAN7 órája

    Time to relive my childhood 😍😍

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S7 órája

    to any diablo 3 players....this is what diablo is supposed to look like lol.

  • Gustavo Morales
    Gustavo Morales8 órája

    And suddenly everyone forgets about the lawsuit.

  • Tor-Erik
    Tor-Erik8 órája

    When Diablo 4 comes, I will pretend that to be the actual Diablo 3.

  • george william gutarra campos
    george william gutarra campos9 órája

    And yet there are people who wishes Diablo Resurected failed

  • Tectonica
    Tectonica10 órája

    This looks good! Now do a remaster of this remaster in 20 years.

  • Jacques junior Fatal
    Jacques junior Fatal11 órája

    so D4 is the continuation of D2

  • PommeDeter
    PommeDeter12 órája

    I have no idea what’s going on but that looks cool

  • EdouardWasHere
    EdouardWasHere13 órája

    Do not claim any of this negative energy

  • k4TO
    k4TO14 órája

    LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO said everyone and roled a mf sorc

  • Capitol CPT
    Capitol CPT15 órája

    Anyone know the music?

  • Volrathy
    Volrathy15 órája

    will pre order get early access ?

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith15 órája

    How they feel about Diablo needing to be stopped at all costs is how I feel about animal agriculture. I wasn't vegan in the 2000s but I am now. I'm coming for you... TYSON!

  • LaFonteCheVi


    5 órája

    Dumbest comment award goes to...

  • 8i8
    8i820 órája

    I just cant wait any longer!

  • Jack
    Jack20 órája

    I’ve never even played this franchise before but this cinematic was really well done.

  • elchugilito
    elchugilito21 órája

    And Blizzard said years ago they couldn’t do anything to remaster. Now it seems they’ve done it. And proper. Very good.

  • flexibleaspect

    *How much stash space will you get?* It better be infinite, or it’s a no-go for me. I’m sick of stash space being a premium feature.

  • flexibleaspect



    @LaFonteCheVi You get extra stash space for buying D3 expansions… that makes stash space a premium feature. In other words, they charge money for more stash space because they know it’s a great way to manipulate people. If I’m only interested in single-player, I shouldn’t have to spend time juggling inventory. I just want all the stuff I’ve ever collected to go into a searchable database that I can pick from anytime I want. There’s still the motivation to find better instances of each weapon, it’s just the constant inventory juggling that is a waste of time.

  • LaFonteCheVi


    5 órája

    1 Private stash and 3 shared. Stash space is not infinite nor should it be. Trade requires scarcity and unlimited space doesn't require or encourage trading. Secondly, storage space has never been a "premium", whatever that means.

  • J. S.
    J. S.Napja

    I'm throbbing with anticipation.

  • Midge Midge
    Midge MidgeNapja

    You better not replace the original goddamn game

  • largelysubatomic

    The remastered cinematics are great but this trailer is just kind of a really strange mashup that probably comes off as more confusing than exciting for all the zoomers who didn't grow up playing this game.

  • trukyboy

    The cinematics are amazing, shame, the new game's graphics is not interessant, and the characters (amazon, druid, assa...) are ugly.

  • Jack


    18 órája

    U wouldn't see their face with helmet on, so no biggy

  • Y0utub3me

    my favorite game remastered - Merry Christmas to all and to all a good stay a while and listen

  • Lorena Sevilla mata
    Lorena Sevilla mataNapja

    20 years ago i started to play d2 as a kid, now i will return back to diablo 2 with my two kids. One word thanks. (sorry for my english).

  • WhovianForever

    Back to the good ole days when Deckard Cain was alive.

  • Benicio Sink
    Benicio SinkNapja

    I love diablo, but for that amount I refuse to buy it, when it's at a price who knows!

  • Benicio Sink

    Benicio Sink

    3 órája

    @LaFonteCheVi in my country the value is equivalent to 20% of a month of work, it is unrealistic to pay this in a remake.

  • LaFonteCheVi


    5 órája

    Found the poor person

  • Infinity Master
    Infinity MasterNapja


  • 100 Push-Ups Guy
    100 Push-Ups GuyNapja


  • Keerthi Rao
    Keerthi RaoNapja

    The skies shall rain fire and the seas will become as blood!

  • spartanjohn1178

    I can't wait to see how good the final cutscene with Tyrael and the world stone will look. It is one of my all-time favorites!

  • Bloodstar

    Fix warcraft 3

  • Jack



    never going to happened, they got ur coin already. no way they will waste resource on that game

  • niddg viiut
    niddg viiutNapja

    I remember staying up many nights playing this. Time to do it again. I am very excited

  • Diddy Melone
    Diddy MeloneNapja

    hmm in terms of the 3 brothers, I prefer their original designs. the new ones funnily enough look more flat and fake to me.

  • LaFonteCheVi


    5 órája

    Uh, these are their original designs. The only cinematics were full of errors and artistic mistakes due to a different studio creating them. Diablo's face in the original act 3 cinematic was entirely wrong.

  • C W
    C WNapja

    Wish Diablo I could get this treatment.

  • Tim S
    Tim SNapja

    this was quite good

  • niddg viiut

    niddg viiut


    Quite simply a flawless recreation of a masterpiece, improving on perfection...

  • XLL38

    Please fix the main bugs that were in the Beta.

  • Modestas Rinkevičius
    Modestas RinkevičiusNapja

    As I watch this I dream of actually living this world. Let me know if I am not alone. :D

  • blea ahh
    blea ahhNapja

    Jah Ith Ber :)

  • Schalalapeno

    shiver, goose bumps - here we go again after all those years.. absolutly badass, amazing job!

  • c0mmanderKeen

    I hope you brought your wits with you, because sanity is in short supply here...

  • Taylor Dane
    Taylor DaneNapja

    Is there more cut scenes added to the game????

  • Rick Sanjish
    Rick SanjishNapja

    Honestly... Blizzard need to stop making games and start making movies/tv series that look like this. Their artists have never faltered.

  • Alan Cahuana
    Alan CahuanaNapja

    I'm waiting for the movie now

  • ChrisMuc1990

    If the game doesn't come out soon you can really keep it. The price is ridiculous anyway

  • Leo

    i play diablo 2 on my notebook ibm thinkpad x4, windows xp, should i buy diablo remake and also a new cmputer?

  • bassamatic

    nice cinematic. I will not be purchasing this software or anything else from blizzard again. Watered down ... Good riddance to this woke culture invading game space.

  • Steven

    Thanks so much for harassing women Blizzard.

  • Steven

    Ive seen this trailer when I was still in school. Laaaaaaaaaazy cash grab bullshit.

  • Madchimpz
    Madchimpz2 napja

    Looks very faithful, they kept the same audio/voices, and I love the way Diablo looked in the trailer, looks very much like the official art. I love it.

  • Daniel J
    Daniel J2 napja

    Quite simply a flawless recreation of a masterpiece, improving on perfection...

  • pyricexhoarder
    pyricexhoarder2 napja

    gimmy NOW

  • Angel Naranjo
    Angel Naranjo2 napja

    please sell action figures of Diablo I WANT YOU HAVE MY MONEY

  • Scott Buster
    Scott Buster2 napja

    D2R comes out the day after my birthday. Best birthday present I could've asked for.

  • Grom Hellscream
    Grom Hellscream2 napja

    I'd like to stay awhile...and watch this again and again.

  • sddssd sddsssddd
    sddssd sddsssddd2 napja

    The headline for the trailer should have been "From an era where Blizzard actually made good games we bring you!"

  • Robert Mendes
    Robert Mendes2 napja

    Seeeeeloco, tá demais. Não vejo a hora!

  • Chjonne
    Chjonne2 napja

    Its so nice blizzard resurrected this game

  • Xtreme
    Xtreme2 napja

    Pls do not f* this

  • What the
    What the2 napja

    i'm ready for Diablo II: Resurrected

  • R A
    R A2 napja

    This game made me who I am.

  • Daniel López
    Daniel López2 napja

    This and Dune. Perfect.

  • goomStar
    goomStar2 napja

    "East. Always... into the East." - Let's travel together friends, show some oldschool love.

  • ᾰ̓ρᾰ́χνη
    ᾰ̓ρᾰ́χνη2 napja

    In the remastered cinematics Tyrael and Baal trapped into Tal Rasha's body look like one the opposite of each other, I'm kinda diggin' it.

  • Mr.麥斯克
    Mr.麥斯克2 napja


  • dadaveli
    dadaveli2 napja

    Holly shield!! Here we go again..

  • Dai Muddha
    Dai Muddha2 napja

    Holy moly

  • BubasparksAB
    BubasparksAB2 napja

    It's shame, that it is still an old game. And Blizz is not able to create anything new.

  • Christian Martín
    Christian Martín2 napja


  • Al Ma
    Al Ma2 napja

    console version has no lobby or chat function 🤯🤯 it’s ok but tell it to the people and don’t charge the same price as the full playable pc version. I’m really disappointed.

  • Anwar Wu
    Anwar Wu2 napja

    Where can I find this soundtrack?

  • Addicted to Cookies
    Addicted to Cookies2 napja

    If this one ends up like Warcraft III. I'll sacrifice everyone from blizzard to Satan.

  • Jean-Baptiste D.
    Jean-Baptiste D.2 napja

    It was…the wanderer.

  • Nicolás Falcon
    Nicolás Falcon2 napja

    The assassin still looks bad .

  • Carles Spriggs
    Carles Spriggs2 napja

    Will this support cross play between Xbox Series X and PS5?

  • Christian Cunningham
    Christian Cunningham2 napja

    six to midnight over here

  • Black-cat Awpox
    Black-cat Awpox2 napja

    Big pay to win game ahahah.... d2jsp ruins the economy of the game.... put 50$ on d2jsp and you have a full character.... so pathetic, i gona wait a server modded without pay-to-win option! Easy refound ;)

  • Black-cat Awpox

    Black-cat Awpox

    2 napja

    But nice cinematic

  • Micke Kizel
    Micke Kizel2 napja


  • Edo Mundo
    Edo Mundo2 napja

    2:22 "My life for Aiur!" -- Tyraetul

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith2 napja

    Probably the most Epic nostalgia experienced in a long time. Letz go,a

  • Yo Bro
    Yo Bro2 napja

    I beat Diablo 1 last year on pc, it's been over a year now, i think i will try this game. One was really good, but it had major flaws, i completed it with all three characters but the warrior and archress sucked in the later levels.

  • Camilo Torres
    Camilo Torres2 napja


  • Louise
    Louise2 napja

    This what used to be called Blizzard quality

  • Umbra Bilis
    Umbra Bilis2 napja

    I’m teary eyed. Thank you for making this

  • 忙碌的Chris
    忙碌的Chris2 napja


  • toby slycord
    toby slycord2 napja

    D2 veterans when get to campfire character select 'hello old friends now let's warn deckard cain hes going to die to a evil butterfly if we dont stop the acts of d3'

  • MrStewFox
    MrStewFox2 napja

    Wow Blizzard made a game that he had already made once, now he says that this is a new game.

  • TheSentinel909
    TheSentinel9092 napja

    Well, bye bye life

  • Sir Lionheart
    Sir Lionheart2 napja

    My body and mind are ready.

  • VaultPlay
    VaultPlay2 napja

    No physical copy release? Oh cmon...

  • urbaniten
    urbaniten2 napja

    Yes but there is no Mac version.

  • Volodymyr Gerasimenko
    Volodymyr Gerasimenko2 napja

    Poor Marius

  • The
    The2 napja

    2:01-2:04 ASMR

  • KnightMare Media
    KnightMare Media2 napja

    The trailer looks great, the game looks great... I just wish they wouldn't have changed some of the art. If they would've solely updated all the original game and art to this higher fidelity and not changed some of that art along the way; it would be perfect.

  • CloverOffical
    CloverOffical2 napja

    God save you

  • CloverOffical
    CloverOffical2 napja

    They used a sword against a child;

  • alepiu saja
    alepiu saja2 napja

    This game could make a great movie.