Ronaldo strikes as United hit Newcastle for four | Highlights | Manchester United 4-1 Newcastle

Enjoy all the highlights from Old Trafford as Cristiano Ronaldo strikes twice on his return to Old Trafford, as a spectacular long range strike from Bruno Fernandes and a classy team goal from Jesse Lingard secure victory for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side against Newcastle.

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  • marta pereira
    marta pereiraÓrája


  • iCan
    iCan3 órája

    Since the arrival of Ronaldo, United have become more charismatic, more energetic. really because of the ronaldo effect 👍🤣

  • Adit & Sopo Jarwo
    Adit & Sopo Jarwo3 órája

    Om, bukannya belagu ya Om, Maap nih sebelumnya... Mau Nanya Aja, Channelnya Dijual Gak Nih? Ane Siap Nampung, Klo mau dijual... 🤤🤤 DM Ane yaaa 😍😋😍😋😍😋😍😋

  • Antahsukha Akshayasukha
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    U&A PROJECT4 órája

    I want to meet ronaldo

  • Hex
    Hex5 órája

    Must have watched this 300x and I'm an arsenal fan lmao. The fact he's 36 with the body of a 19yo gym freak is just madness tbh. He's gonna teach so much discipline to the likes of greenwood and others it's crazy. He doesn't just bring amazing stuff to the pitch but incredible stuff off the pitch.

  • SUCNEK 0619

    SUCNEK 0619

    4 órája

    Respect bro

  • Bendot Arsana
    Bendot Arsana5 órája


  • HAPPY FUN 105
    HAPPY FUN 1056 órája

    Goool, GG MU

    SHIVAM SINGH órája

    viva ronaldo viva ronaldo

  • Gladys Mary
    Gladys Mary7 órája


  • Baron Delacosta
    Baron Delacosta7 órája

    Banyak pemain newcastle minya tukar jersey sama kang dodo👍👍👍👍

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi7 órája

    I watched this over and over and I'm still goosebumps CR7 Welcome back your the Best!!

  • yose8rz
    yose8rz7 órája

    Monster kembali ke MU

  • PERV21
    PERV217 órája

    The Monster it's back.. 🔥🔥

  • Irvan Hidayat
    Irvan Hidayat8 órája

    Masih Trending Wow, GGMU

  • Mpap channel
    Mpap channel8 órája

    ❤️⏩5jt subscribe

  • xrrxy vvoi

    xrrxy vvoi

    7 órája

    Cr7 my idol

  • Panos Krompas
    Panos Krompas8 órája

    I would like if everyone in old Trafford just shut up for a second and make booo together with ronaldos celebration

  • Nauman AKA Suny
    Nauman AKA Suny8 órája


    SYALSABILA8 órája


  • Hamtaroo History
    Hamtaroo History9 órája


  • gilang.
    gilang.9 órája


  • Aryan Qalish
    Aryan Qalish9 órája


  • damo7131
    damo713110 órája

    This is just 2 goals by ronaldo, more to come. He will dominate premier league.

  • Tingchei Kano
    Tingchei Kano10 órája

    Trust me, psg players always hated C Ronaldo because be was better than them lol

  • Ayah Inayah
    Ayah Inayah11 órája

    Ronaldo ronaldo

  • Aditya Fauzan
    Aditya Fauzan12 órája

    I like C.ronaldo

  • PandyKindaSus
    PandyKindaSus12 órája

    wow incredible

  • Hardiansyah Muhammad
    Hardiansyah Muhammad12 órája

    Lord lingard 🔥🔥

  • Ilham Rian
    Ilham Rian12 órája

    masih trending aja njay

  • vivo y12i

    vivo y12i

    12 órája

    Iya dong goat CR7 emang beda

  • Tungigamingofficial
    Tungigamingofficial13 órája

    Cr7 my idol

  • Nabeel Rashid
    Nabeel Rashid14 órája

    Our old ronaldo is back

  • gs
    gs14 órája


  • Ryuga Aurora
    Ryuga Aurora14 órája


  • Geby
    Geby15 órája


  • Riccardo OMG!
    Riccardo OMG!15 órája


  • Charles.M.Molema🌍
    Charles.M.Molema🌍15 órája

    Myths sing songs about the Legend...😉

  • Ⓜ️Y•LIFĒ
    Ⓜ️Y•LIFĒ16 órája

    He's back 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rangga EBE
    Rangga EBE17 órája

    The goat come back home. Welcome walaupun saya fans chelsea

    AHMADOUXX17 órája

    I'm HUblackr

  • Fauzi Trinanda Kusumahatmaja
    Fauzi Trinanda Kusumahatmaja17 órája

    2:00 the best highlight ever.

    AHMADOUXX17 órája

    Ronaldo Ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo

  • Richboy44
    Richboy4417 órája

    If you love Ronaldo 👇🏻

  • Ralph Fi
    Ralph Fi18 órája

    Lingaard is the true hero of this match. So underrated.

  • Sakina Ds
    Sakina Ds18 órája

    Ronaldo vs lukaku cooming soon!! 😍😍😅

  • Maria Martin
    Maria Martin18 órája

    16 million Views 😍😍

  • Nopal pernambucano

    Nopal pernambucano

    16 órája


  • Football BHY
    Football BHY18 órája

    The Old Trafford atmosphere is extraordinary 🤩🤩 Cristiano on fire 🔥🔥

  • Luqman Hakim
    Luqman Hakim19 órája


  • Muhamad Firmansyah
    Muhamad Firmansyah19 órája

    still trending on my country WOW

  • misolou fout
    misolou fout19 órája

    this season might be finally a league title after long years...

  • Imam Juanda
    Imam Juanda19 órája

    I know messi is also watching this silently hahaha

  • Ric Stix 666
    Ric Stix 66619 órája

    Ah man beautiful to watch

  • made mitha
    made mitha20 órája


  • Vroninka Mach
    Vroninka Mach20 órája

    Cr7 is best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💪💪💪💪👍🦵

  • Angkringan Lucky Klaten
    Angkringan Lucky Klaten20 órája

    ngeri lur.

  • Valerio Koa

    Valerio Koa

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    misolou fout

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  • Mobil Si Tayo
    Mobil Si Tayo20 órája

    cek do bos bukan maen

  • Nsikak Ntia
    Nsikak Ntia20 órája

    I have successfully watched this video for the 60th time. SIUUUU!!!

  • Infamous Rage

    Infamous Rage

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    Mana ppkm?

  • wahyu prima
    wahyu prima20 órája

    Pulang kampung ke nankatsu

  • OverLord
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    Subscribe CR7 subscribe MU UNSUB Juve & RM

  • Infamous Rage

    Infamous Rage

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  • Юсуфчик Шарифзодахо
    Юсуфчик Шарифзодахо21 órája

    I love you ❣️ Ronaldo

  • Hardi ansyah
    Hardi ansyah21 órája

    Wowwww 16 million view

  • Ricky Syarifudin
    Ricky Syarifudin21 órája

    Cr 7 best of the best player

  • Rendy Maulana Imron
    Rendy Maulana Imron22 órája

    Boleh juga.

  • মহাদেব
    মহাদেব22 órája

    Don't forget there is no.7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Udula Bandara
    Udula Bandara22 órája

    I have watched this video so many times now wow 😳

  • Infamous Rage

    Infamous Rage

    14 órája


  • Og Rye
    Og Rye22 órája


  • Simarmata Pardosi
    Simarmata Pardosi22 órája

    Gilak penonton kagak ada yg pakai masker Kpn INDO bebas ??

  • Gold FN
    Gold FN23 órája


  • Samy Nketshi
    Samy NketshiNapja

    Christiano Ronaldo is the Goat respect ✊

  • Isbanu Graham
    Isbanu GrahamNapja

    LORD LINGARDINHO,,,, SATTTT.......!!!!

  • Mr. Justice
    Mr. JusticeNapja

    Shut up Manchester United u trash team

  • DAPUR 3
    DAPUR 3Napja


  • ARQ

    #7 👑

  • Mzoli Mzizi
    Mzoli MziziNapja


  • Original Unoriginal
    Original UnoriginalNapja

    Just watching again for the 24th time! Always feel the emotions of the occasion!

  • Football Today
    Football TodayNapja

    welcome home cristiano 👌👌👌

  • Tiruv Giri
    Tiruv GiriNapja

    Newcastle United should be thanking Ronaldo for helping them rise to global recognition. Just saying, no disrespect to either clubs

  • Masslamet


  • Joni Malili
    Joni MaliliNapja

    Young boy


    We love CR7😘😘

  • SubjectRandom

    Bruno > Christiano. Great goal.

  • r3y

    Mana nih satgas ?kerumunan itu wkwk

  • T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me
    T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With MeNapja

    What a game! The crowd when Ronaldo scores all screaming "SIIUUUU" Is incredible

  • Iovutime

    15M views-ronaldo effect😀😎

  • MH

    seeing such atmosphere with CR after covid is really feel amazing

  • Khatijabibi Mamaniat
    Khatijabibi MamaniatNapja

    Bring it on our 7Heaven.

  • MovieVerse

    Fab❤️ love cristiano From 🇵🇰

  • Dawn Sabin-Simpson
    Dawn Sabin-SimpsonNapja

    Ha ha ha....Hello boys..He's back.

  • Faith Victor

    Faith Victor



  • Faith Victor

    Faith Victor


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  • Corina Carrasqueira
    Corina CarrasqueiraNapja

    Cristiano, meu amor, afinal quando chega o pacote às minhas mãos, pois ja fez 48horas,esta manhã que enviei, a última vez dinheiro, mas ainda ninguém me disse nada, fica com Deus, e diz-me algo

  • Faith Victor

    Faith Victor



  • PUNYA CERITA Entertainment
    PUNYA CERITA EntertainmentNapja

    Beneran CR7 BALIK KE MU??

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Manchester united resmikan haallaad dan Declan rice... Walaupun harga mahal tapi bisa menguntungkan... Hayo fans Manchester united ramekan dukungannya resmikan haallaad dan Declan rice...

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Manchester united hayo resmikan haallaad dan Declan rice dibulan Januari

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Resmikan haallaad dan Declan rice

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Resmikan haallaad

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Manchester united hayo dong segera resmikan haallaad dibulan Januari,agar semakin tajam dan agar bisa juara kembali

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Manchester united hayo resmikan haallaad dibulan Januari dibrusa transfer

  • eazy dope
    eazy dopeNapja

    Salah will eat him

  • Tubagus maulana Dikri
    Tubagus maulana DikriNapja

    Manchester united hayo resmikan haallaad