Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  • MTV
    MTV5 napja

    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

  • Dee MER

    Dee MER

    27 perccel

    @P Kitty LMAO! TROLL

  • Dee MER

    Dee MER

    33 perccel

    @Bentley B how do you know it was a tampon? Some say it was a tag in her clothes.

  • naturallylala



    But why her name had to be with that design and backdrop it didn’t fit the performance… giving very much ritual maybe 🤔

  • Dorian Roy

    Dorian Roy

    7 órája

    Talent yep and I think they probably wrote for Beyonce. This a little too much for a debut coulda worn a catsuit at least she would be covered. We going backwards this is the exploitation of BLK women as the white its 2021 be sexy not streetwalker

  • _Summerx3


    8 órája

    Have mercy dance 👀 🔥

    GO ALONG GET ALONG GANG42 másodpercig

    dyaummm shes phick and ready

  • Hennessy Drinking
    Hennessy Drinking 2 perccel

    She licked the Mic lol talk about COVID-19 I wonder who else had that mic.

  • Alicia
    Alicia5 perccel

    Ritual right in front of us. Guess she wanted the fame that bad. I guess as long as you twerk and are raunchy that's all you need.

  • maija01
    maija015 perccel

    Ok, major cringe. She has talent for sure. Good performance, but there were a lot of cringy moments. I don’t usually say people are trying too hard, but she’s doing a lot. She should just relax a little, and pace herself and her career. But other than that, she’ll be great overall.

  • Francisco leal
    Francisco leal13 perccel

    Eu acho ela maravilhosa e viciei nesse refrão, mas sei lá querem beyoncezar a menina.

  • Demekka Sorrell
    Demekka Sorrell13 perccel

    I WOULD NOT be the one who had to perform after her!!! The fact that ppl are sayin ohhh its Beyonce written all ova it.. N it do.. This song 🔥🔥n i could actually hear Beyonce singing this.. My point is most Singers or artist i should say.. Had some one they wanted to be like.. Usher liked Micheal Jackson.. N james Brown.. So leave ppl be n let them shine.. Cause she did that!!

  • Atia Tobing
    Atia Tobing35 perccel

    The intro is iconic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tonia Stinson
    Tonia Stinson37 perccel

    Young Bey in training go Chloe get it girl shock the world 🌍

  • Camille N.
    Camille N.51 perce

    Is this some sort of ritual? bec it's a VERY Dark performance - she's so talented to be doin all that. In the end- seems like some sort of possession. LORD HELP HER.

  • Omar Gutierrez
    Omar Gutierrez51 perce

    asha fierce has possessed a new body omg

  • mstoya B
    mstoya B55 perccel

    YOUNGE BEYONCE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🙌🙌🙌

  • min wang
    min wang59 perccel

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  • Cairo Solon
    Cairo SolonÓrája

    She won meee bitch

  • AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappiness
    AllThingsHippie #PeaceLoveHappinessÓrája

    I'm obsessed, she won me 🤎🤎

  • gwen iverh
    gwen iverhÓrája

    Is it only me or she's being shaped in Beyonce's image

  • Izaak Stene
    Izaak SteneÓrája

    I saw her leave her body....INSANE...She killed it

  • Buki D
    Buki DÓrája

    Another overly sexualised performance which for me, overshadowed the talent! Done with the stripper-esque performances ! This is just another one. Sorry, just can’t join the bandwagon. I was a huge fan when Chloe and Halle when they first hit scene.

  • AlansWorld


  • Nell G
    Nell GÓrája

    Seems a little blasphemous to me, but ok.

  • Daneja Williams
    Daneja WilliamsÓrája

    Whole background is demonic smh

  • Adventure Society

    Adventure Society


    Black people think everything other black people do is demonic

  • debbiedelight7

    😳🥰😍🤪😝😛😋omg I remember years ago watching all her sweet , innocent videos with her sister by the fire place and backyard omg! She is awesome my goodness …should I look omg🤬🤭😮

  • Jennifer Ramirez
    Jennifer RamirezÓrája

    This is so ratchet lol

  • David Padgeet sr
    David Padgeet srÓrája

    Beyonce is molding and have been molding her since she was a child

  • My Name
    My NameÓrája

    Dat dance break 🤪🤪

  • Bridgette Majors
    Bridgette Majors2 órája

    Man she killed it

  • Lari Dias
    Lari Dias2 órája

    E a melhor

  • Lari Dias
    Lari Dias2 órája

    Mostrou que não foi só mais uma apresentação na atração e sim a melhor e perfeita

  • Lari Dias
    Lari Dias2 órája


  • Lari Dias
    Lari Dias2 órája

    Rainha da noite.

    BTSTHINGS2 órája

    Why do I feel like the people in the audience were forced to be there?

  • Belinda Grimes
    Belinda Grimes2 órája

    Why are our young black women objectified in this industry, allowing themselves to be over sexualized for fame? Her father spoke about this year's ago. Now is the time to protect your daughter. At what cost and consequences? This is not naturally her and I grieve for our black women.

  • d1mples91
    d1mples912 órája

    Giving me young Beyonce vibes. I don't even know what to think about this one...... she's like an immitation of Beyonce🙈🙉

  • Kim Bowens
    Kim Bowens2 órája

    Her singing is incredible but she needs more dancing skills showing a** is old plus why Beyonce dance team didn't teach her to dance because it sucked just goes to show you got both or just one and she got 1

  • Drew
    Drew2 órája

    geez a lot of artists use pre-recorded vocals this time🙂

  • Yasmeen Al Wadud
    Yasmeen Al Wadud2 órája

    Burn these devils 🚮

  • Octavia Taylor
    Octavia Taylor3 órája

    From the time she opened her mouth she ctfu with the whole deliverance 😍

  • Corey Mayfield
    Corey Mayfield3 órája

    Soooo is the Generation Z Beyoncé? This is literally everything that Beyoncé did 10 years ago.

    ARIES MIXIE3 órája

    I can tell her and her sister are products of Beyoncé's label. They are literally her reincarnated. The whole performance screamed Beyonce!

  • SylSyd
    SylSyd3 órája

    I don't know why everybody's saying this is kind of like beyoncé, beyoncé never came out with these moves anything like that beyoncé copied the other great singers back in the day

  • Mz Baton Rouge beauty
    Mz Baton Rouge beauty3 órája

    Whoever thought to put the insert of the song chloe by eva taylor is genius

  • blumountaindew


    3 órája

    It probably was Chloe. She said on Twitter that her grandpa used to sing it to her as a child 🥺

  • divaquana
    divaquana3 órája

    Chlooooooeeeeeeee 🎶 🎵 🪕

  • ///》《
    ///》《3 órája

    its what the plant crave

  • Harley Page
    Harley Page3 órája

    Is beyoncw trying to duplicate herself?!? Sounds,looks,dances 💃 everything beyonce!! Anyway this was great 👍

  • Monique Marshall
    Monique Marshall3 órája

    Omg she reminds me so much on Beyoncé I love it 😻

  • Denis Costello
    Denis Costello3 órája

    Try sell a records wit ur pants on

  • Rontavious
    Rontavious3 órája

    Why is she surprised people think she sold her soul when the beginning of this performance exists 😭😭😭

  • blumountaindew


    3 órája

    @_ Vicidel y’all are too much 😂 It’s a short cover of the 1920s song Chloe (Song of the Swamp)

  • _ Vicidel

    _ Vicidel

    3 órája

    Do you know that if you reverse the begining performance you''ll hear "Evil". And "Why I keep posing like I do" in reverse you' ll heard "I serve satan" Sooo creepy

  • Brite Ang3l
    Brite Ang3l3 órája

    Y'all the whole dark theme was because she was madusa that's why but I do agree like my first mind is tellin me she sold her soul

  • Dina V
    Dina V3 órája

    She’s a great performer but I think she should use her last name professionally as well, Chloë is too common of a name to recognize.

  • Khadijah Vega
    Khadijah Vega3 órája

    Why she lick the mic like that

  • Christianna Mareus
    Christianna Mareus4 órája

    I can feel it in my soul with this performance i just keep coming back

  • Christianna Mareus
    Christianna Mareus4 órája

    I love it here I need to see more

  • Lady Kay
    Lady Kay4 órája

    Trying to be like that other Witch!!!!!....Beyonce

  • NAZE
    NAZE4 órája

    This was scary

  • Adventure Society

    Adventure Society

    58 perccel

    Scarey ass

  • _ Vicidel

    _ Vicidel

    3 órája

    Yes too scary

  • Ernesto Williams
    Ernesto Williams4 órája

    It’s giving illuminati no thanks

  • NAZE
    NAZE4 órája

    This video made me wanna go read my bible and pray

  • NAZE
    NAZE4 órája

    man wtf

  • Dahyna Reid
    Dahyna Reid4 órája

    Okay Chloe, we see you.Lots of symbolism in this performance. You belong to the industry now.

  • Candice Singleton
    Candice Singleton4 órája

    She reminds of Beyonce, she did gd. I think her voice sounds better Live, gd job

  • King LaShae
    King LaShae4 órája

    Whew🔥🔥🔥🔥 LAWD HAVE MERCY

  • Beatriz Menezes
    Beatriz Menezes4 órája


  • Kaisha Jackson
    Kaisha Jackson4 órája

    giving very much beyonce with a little spice

  • arnold leo salazar jurado
    arnold leo salazar jurado4 órája

    Omg , diva , empoderada, diosaaaa , si dejo el show de Olivia bajo tierra, esta chica es la ostia , canta, bailas al mismo tiempo y sin desafinar , dios que mujer 🔥🔥🔥🔥👌

  • Deborah Jenkins
    Deborah Jenkins5 órája

    This performance was her initiation

  • NAZE


    4 órája

    the ending with the tongue said it all

  • Designing Kitty
    Designing Kitty5 órája

    She just needs the right songs to match that explosiveness in her, and this is a good start.

  • Dimitry Anyanwu
    Dimitry Anyanwu5 órája

    Glad to see her go this far been a fan since Grown-ish episode 1

  • Tigerlilly
    Tigerlilly5 órája

    She has been working hard on her craft. Stay focused mind your business. Booked and Busy..

    ECEM AKAL5 órája

    Ok this was shaking iconic

  • Marie
    Marie5 órája

    She killed that!!@

  • Nina Bliss
    Nina Bliss5 órája

    Did she have on a tampon or was that a tag😂❤️😂

  • Kimmberrlee Ohthatsme
    Kimmberrlee Ohthatsme5 órája

    I simply couldn't believe my eyes. Pathetic and disgraceful on so many levels. This ratchet culture has crippled the artistry and craft of black music industry as a whole. Whites have finally conquered. I'm now listening to Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift.🤷🏾‍♀️

  • a n g e l

    a n g e l

    5 órája


  • Renee Mathews
    Renee Mathews5 órája

    U can tell she went the other way wow

  • Brite Ang3l

    Brite Ang3l

    5 órája

    Exactly Mann I knew it was coming

  • Leyah Samuel
    Leyah Samuel5 órája

    Y’all please wake up cause something ain’t right about her bruh. And I’m not trying to be a “hater” or whatever but even before I was Christian I would’ve know something just not right about her especially since Beyoncé her mentor 🤦🏾‍♀️


    5 órája

    what do u mean? Expand.

  • Alison Turner
    Alison Turner5 órája

    whats the song she sings at the beginning of the performance?

  • jimin is small
    jimin is small6 órája

    Congrats... your not your own person.

  • Mia Aqua
    Mia Aqua6 órája

    reminds me of beyoncé

  • V B
    V B6 órája

    Pointless. Just another typical Hyper sexual song is all I got from this.

  • Wesley graniel De Guzman
    Wesley graniel De Guzman6 órája

    I saw BEYONCE while watching that performance

  • ecj17cel
    ecj17cel6 órája

    What song was she singing before she started her song "Have Mercy"?

  • Korin East

    Korin East


    Chloe (song of the swamp)

  • K J M
    K J M6 órája

    Is this Beyonce 🤔

  • Brownskin babe
    Brownskin babe6 órája

    She gave me chills she gonna win Grammy one day

    BIGO LIVES6 órája

    she literally sounds just like beyoncé!!! she’s obviously her mentor but damnnn it’s like she has her sound box😳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Crystal Simmon
    Crystal Simmon6 órája

    Love the performance but did anyone peep the string in between or is it just me??

  • Atiyana Cortez

    Atiyana Cortez

    5 órája

    wow women get periods who knew

  • Sagittarius Army
    Sagittarius Army7 órája

    beyoncé clone!!

  • Ashley Muhoro
    Ashley Muhoro7 órája

    I pray that you will discover the truth before it’s too late Chloe God loves you praise him !! Not things of the world said with love ❤️

  • Islande Isaac
    Islande Isaac7 órája

    2:38 is truly a show stopper

  • Jacqueline Hilliard
    Jacqueline Hilliard7 órája

    She’s a little Beyoncé✨

  • Nittaa
    Nittaa7 órája

    Don’t care for the performance but at the end of the day she’s finding herself in her solo career. It really just don’t seem like her but just from her personalities on interviews but hey I’m not made at it.

  • YoungNickPetty
    YoungNickPetty7 órája

    It gave Beyoncé!

  • YoungNickPetty
    YoungNickPetty7 órája

    The whole performance was a serve! Beyoncé energy!

  • YoungNickPetty
    YoungNickPetty7 órája

    She definitely ate that performance! The dance break gave me very much Beyoncé & im there for it!

  • YoungNickPetty
    YoungNickPetty7 órája

    Now thats how you do a debut performance!!

  • YoungNickPetty
    YoungNickPetty7 órája

    You can see that Beyoncé has been teaching her. It was immaculate

  • iris FOUR.
    iris FOUR.7 órája


  • Dorian Roy
    Dorian Roy7 órája

    Singing on point continuity and strength of performance needs tightening

  • Philé Mignon Hunter
    Philé Mignon Hunter7 órája

    A performance that is OVER THE TOP yet UNDERWHELMING 💨 Chloe is talented with great vocals, but this production was all over the place. OVERsexualized and UNDERwhelming

  • lauren j

    lauren j

    34 perccel

    I enjoyed it but to each their own 🙂. I liked that the vibe matched the video and I like the live instrumentation more than the studio version. Plus it was her first performance by herself, but I guess you won't care about that. She is most definitely gonna get better and better just like Beyonce did. Even Queen B was doing a lot by herself but she evolved and got better.

  • Keylee2
    Keylee27 órája


  • Raq Yantz
    Raq Yantz7 órája

    That’s Lil Bey Aka Chloe

  • janeen Headley
    janeen Headley7 órája