*NEW* SEASON 8 BATTLEPASS In Fortnite (Chapter 2)

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  • Lachlan
    Lachlan5 napja

    Welcome to Season 8 Video up later tonight :D

  • Claudia Freitas

    Claudia Freitas

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  • Desmond Ashe

    Desmond Ashe

    12 órája

    @Itz_Sophie Gaming fkajd

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    🍔 burgerboi 🍔

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    Miya Londner


    @Itz_Sophie Gaming the beach in

  • Miya Londner

    Miya Londner


    @Itz_Sophie Gaming the

  • TalkErs left
    TalkErs leftÓrája

    Forgottenaimbot is cracked

  • Gaming with Joe
    Gaming with Joe2 órája

    I really love your content man I am a OG fan

  • carter Whitfield
    carter Whitfield3 órája

    I love your video's man

  • Paul Macpherson
    Paul Macpherson3 órája


  • Aria Mohaghegh
    Aria Mohaghegh4 órája

    But fabio is the best ever

  • Claudia Freitas
    Claudia Freitas7 órája

    Great video

  • Logan McGlynn
    Logan McGlynn8 órája

    This is definitely one of the best battlepasses we've gotten in a long while. There's a monkey man!

  • Harold Hale
    Harold Hale8 órája

    im not Poor now becoz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i got 57,000VbucksI from 𝐕𝐁𝐔𝐂𝐊𝐒𝐆𝐎𝐍.𝐗𝐘𝐙 මම වෙන කවරදාටත් වඩා Vfrn92r(`∀´)Ψ

  • Yousef gaming
    Yousef gaming9 órája

    I agree I hate scratching a plate a chalk Bored

    CRZAY10 órája

    I don’t care what you say, CARNAGE IS BETTER THAN VENOM

  • Jurassic Memes
    Jurassic Memes13 órája

    I only play the game to have fun and yesterday we won a game by sky basing and when i get one of those drops i yell out PRIDE DROP

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv15 órája

    I appreciate you.

  • ☆ 𝘉𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘰526 ☆
    ☆ 𝘉𝘳𝘰𝘯𝘴𝘰526 ☆15 órája


  • zuygj bnsv

    zuygj bnsv

    15 órája

    I sadly dont have the battle pass,can someone gift me plz

  • Max Footy
    Max Footy23 órája


  • 60812 彭柏叡Ryan
    60812 彭柏叡Ryan23 órája

    Gift it to to me

  • Glowstone Gaming
    Glowstone GamingNapja

    I just found out that I use the same song in the lobby

  • dolimi jotoo
    dolimi jotooNapja

    I appreciate you.

  • carpenter1274

    This season is pure shit.

  • dolimi jotoo

    dolimi jotoo


    My fornite name is Animatronic717 I want the battle pass pleas

  • MIIE_

    The fact that nobody here knows demon slayer

  • Claire Byrne
    Claire ByrneNapja

    6:07 Im with you

  • Mina’s Questions
    Mina’s QuestionsNapja


  • InkyTheDemon 18
    InkyTheDemon 18Napja


  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loingNapja

    Yooo HAND-FORGED Is now fav emote to everyone for sure,its soo cool ngl

  • Him

    Join me

  • yuitr loing

    yuitr loing


    Charlotte isn't anime. If every japanese skin I see is anime I call stereotypical

  • Michael_Schumacher

    Lachlan: “He’s a chimp and and astronaut and he’s gonna be helping us fight the cubes” Me: And Soviet.

  • ÑøTîtlêÇhãøs

    Im already tired of tier 100's being colabs. Other than carnage being really annoying this battle pass is ok. I think slone deserved tier 100 and torin for this season.

  • FTB Manny
    FTB MannyNapja

    Just want the old season 1 map 😢

  • RAM Gamer
    RAM GamerNapja

    So Naruto isn't gonna be on Fortnite Thank god Fortnite weebs gonna say it everytime they see Naruto That's the guy from Fortnite


    I sadly dont have the battle pass,can someone gift me plz


    nice beard

  • Nik3_K!ng

    So no one else noticed ​ Shisui's Sharingan in the battle pass

  • hXnoOCE BS
    hXnoOCE BS2 napja

    Demon slayer in fortnite 😵‍💫😅😕

  • cleavala
    cleavala2 napja

    im not Poor now becoz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------i got 13,500 VBUCKSI from 𝐕𝐁𝐔𝐂𝐊𝐒𝐆𝐎𝐍.𝐗𝐘𝐙 මම වෙන කවරදාටත් වඩා Vivg666y61(`∀´)Ψ

  • Todd Vande Pol
    Todd Vande Pol2 napja

    My fornite name is Animatronic717 I want the battle pass pleas

  • Matic___c
    Matic___c2 napja

    How long will the season last

  • Blaze team leader
    Blaze team leader2 napja


  • Aidan Parrish
    Aidan Parrish2 napja

    I'm not the only one about the scratch thing

  • Alma Martinez
    Alma Martinez2 napja


  • irakli gaming
    irakli gaming2 napja

    I hoped that there could be naruto skin

  • Kahlani Murphy
    Kahlani Murphy2 napja

    Charlotte isn't anime. If every japanese skin I see is anime I call stereotypical

  • Felix
    Felix2 napja

    Who here watch’s demon slayer

  • Faze_clutch56
    Faze_clutch562 napja

    2 more to got till we move to a new map sooner or later we gonna run out of new maps

  • Fancy Pigeon
    Fancy Pigeon2 napja

    ?¿Remember when battlepasses had themes?¿

  • Wild Eggs
    Wild Eggs2 napja

    I would love it if you would create videos of the game Wild Eggs :)

  • Alex Croft
    Alex Croft2 napja

    The new season sucks because of SBMM is just sweaty and garbage

  • Gaara
    Gaara2 napja

    The carnage back bling is reactive if you get kills and it turns to tentacles.

  • Jack Velvet
    Jack Velvet2 napja

    Carnige reminds me of Alex from prototype

  • jetmajor Ps4
    jetmajor Ps42 napja

    Why do you put on that fake American accent?

  • BLUE_49
    BLUE_492 napja


    MIRACLE2 napja

    im just waiting for naruto to come to fortnite

  • Kristy Khan
    Kristy Khan2 napja

    i dont have time to get to level 100

  • Angelic_Plays
    Angelic_Plays2 napja

    Anyone else sad that the tacky wacky got vaulted

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb2 napja

    I'm genuinely wondering if Lachy still actually enjoys Fortnite.

  • Highland Riley
    Highland Riley2 napja

    I’m the highest tier in my friend group

  • vliduu zeeb

    vliduu zeeb

    2 napja

    Very memey battlepass

  • Sitara Govender
    Sitara Govender2 napja

    6:00 lachy same it’s so horrible

  • Dylan Adamache
    Dylan Adamache2 napja

    Can some 1 buy me the battle at bmx_biker2009

  • Shona Murray
    Shona Murray2 napja

    F for blinky

  • Bpgamer002
    Bpgamer0022 napja

    Woah! who else seen the siren head

  • zeron _ fncs
    zeron _ fncs2 napja

    Check my fid out lachy I made a pwr toona fish

  • Henry Murphy
    Henry Murphy3 napja

    oh my god i have the same chivver thing

  • Yumeko Jabami
    Yumeko Jabami3 napja


  • private terry
    private terry3 napja

    I got all toona fish style that are out sofar

  • Chino R
    Chino R3 napja

    F inky why inky

  • Botan. Safar Nadr
    Botan. Safar Nadr3 napja

    Please battle pass for me my name acc kp. Botan please

  • Botan. Safar Nadr
    Botan. Safar Nadr3 napja

    Please battle pass for me

  • Yadiel Escobar
    Yadiel Escobar3 napja

    I am one of your biggest fan and I Have the same skin as you

  • Anime_Gamer
    Anime_Gamer3 napja

    omg scratching paper to my man

  • It’s your boy realty
    It’s your boy realty3 napja

    Same my guy

  • mxtty v2
    mxtty v23 napja


  • Kyo McMushy
    Kyo McMushy3 napja

    Very memey battlepass

  • Wrath Clan
    Wrath Clan3 napja

    Whaile sailer one piece reference?

  • This Thing Called Life
    This Thing Called Life3 napja

    I have the same problem with the Chalkboard finger nail thing

  • Dragon
    Dragon3 napja

    Stop buying tiers Lachlan

  • Love
    Love3 napja

    I have the codename elf version of toona fish we love lachy

  • Trapp Jesus
    Trapp Jesus3 napja

    Tuna fish carries

  • Mainza Hachitwe
    Mainza Hachitwe3 napja

    may you please buy me a skin for mainza-MJ

  • Pollos Asados El Trebol
    Pollos Asados El Trebol3 napja

    Demon slyr

  • Death
    Death3 napja

    I just want this battle pass for carnage

  • RAM 1st
    RAM 1st3 napja

    مسوي فيه هيهيهيه

  • Kiopterndsa Tioptesdeer
    Kiopterndsa Tioptesdeer3 napja

    The thoughtful river apparently record because development yearly overflow excluding a exciting exclusive taste. obtainable, harsh pheasant

  • ArthurOnCrack
    ArthurOnCrack3 napja


  • Me Me
    Me Me3 napja

    “What’s that marvel character? He is the one with the skull in his head.” Ummm, all of them?

  • Kamyar Boroujerdi
    Kamyar Boroujerdi3 napja

    12:04 only because he has the Elf skin's style the skin that you used to love and use once lol

  • HopsTheBunny
    HopsTheBunny3 napja

    Fabio is the best skin ever and no one can change my mind

  • bigbaptie
    bigbaptie3 napja


  • ParadoxCoaster
    ParadoxCoaster3 napja

    they really put a serial killer in fortnite

  • J Eddy
    J Eddy3 napja

    Would've been sick to get a Carnage wrap but already wayyyy better than the last two seasons' battle passes

  • Satya Vani
    Satya Vani3 napja


  • Quyen Tran
    Quyen Tran3 napja

    Inky didn’t die, he is just “sleeping”

  • themaster 205
    themaster 2053 napja

    At 0.33

  • Josh MS
    Josh MS3 napja

    I don't even want to play it anymore it's such a shit game it's just gay,I miss the og fortnite 2017/18 fortnite is dead

  • AmoOL
    AmoOL3 napja

    Wish I had the battlepass☹️🙁😓

  • unliquify
    unliquify3 napja

    Inky just sleeping trust me

  • RedRangerZay
    RedRangerZay3 napja

    Quick question. So i have a old fortnite account made only through a playstation account (no epic acc). Is there anyway i could create a epic games account just to somehow link all that saved data/skins (from ps4 acc) onto that new epic account? Then which use that linked epic onto another psn?

  • APRLC Cancer
    APRLC Cancer3 napja


  • Torin Naidoo
    Torin Naidoo3 napja

    Lachy my is actually Torin

  • Miss.Wicked㋛︎
    Miss.Wicked㋛︎3 napja

    Okay everybody can we take a minute to remember that we used to be able to upgrade weapons with mats.. and people were less bloodthirsty... You could find the default and give them a high five..😢😢✊🏻

  • donna millott
    donna millott3 napja

    me cooper

  • donna millott
    donna millott3 napja