Conor McGregor REACTS to Machine Gun Kelly FIGHT at VMAs!

ET caught up with professional fighter Conor McGregor after his intense confrontation with Machine Gun Kelly on the VMAs red carpet. The 2021 MTV Video Music Awards aired Sunday, Sept. 12.

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    Check out this new angle of Conor McGregor and Machine Gun Kelly’s scuffle on the VMAs red carpet ->

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    We support Conor we can do anything for him can fight anyone its gang time ,mark my word man 🤬🤬

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    @Tk aaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzaaaa

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    @Leo Luna fake dram

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    Megan’s so hot

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  • rsjrx

    Ja Rule still around trying to hock crypto in 2021

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    Ja rule still alive????

  • Orlando Cabrera
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  • luisvega666

    guy that was destroyed by eminem

  • bob Bob
    bob BobÓrája

    There's nothing worse than a leprechaun that can't hold his liquor! 🥴

  • Madx
    Madx2 órája

    gonna be weird when they are in there 80s pretending to still do this

  • CowBoah
    CowBoah2 órája

    Ja"That's what I heard"Rule

    HIT FACTORY3 órája

    most talented boy in the world 🤣🤣 stop

  • EP98
    EP984 órája

    Shitting himself

  • Chris Alex
    Chris Alex4 órája

    Damn ja spoke like he was talking to a cop. Saying fun name on both sides lol

  • Ad1k
    Ad1k4 órája

    It's crazy that there are bots who write the same comments about Conor hitting guy in pub

  • Welcome2 theSimulation
    Welcome2 theSimulation4 órája

    You know Em won the rap battle when MGK switched music genres and starts dressing like that.. WTF is that on his face, pearls?? You know deep down MGK was happy everyone stepped in and stopped that.. Conor would've put a beating on him even being crippled...

  • Joshua King
    Joshua King4 órája

    Damn NLS let ja rule outa his closet for the night 😱

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    Ja rule an i witness

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    I'd love to see this fight

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    killshot irl make it happen

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    Crystal Wilson5 órája

    Ok she's brand new now

  • Jacob Pottala
    Jacob Pottala5 órája

    If you dont think this was staged, you arent intelligent.

  • Stormz
    Stormz6 órája

    Seems like Connor was very jealous.

  • Conor Clark
    Conor Clark6 órája

    Looks like MGK went to Megan Fox's Vajazzle appointment.

  • Nick Woyurka
    Nick Woyurka6 órája

    Returned once Conor left 🤣

  • Dee H
    Dee H6 órája

    He slapped MGK so hard the taste was still on his jaw.

  • Paradise Lost
    Paradise Lost6 órája

    So are we really that low? Nicki and Cardi, Paul brothers fighting for media, now this .. Trash.

  • Anousca Hume
    Anousca Hume6 órája

    "Vanilla Ice boy rapper's" McGregor is a beast.

  • Audi 1
    Audi 17 órája

    Man megan went down the disposal over the yrs . Trashy

  • Audi 1
    Audi 17 órája

    Connor would lay the crack head out.

  • rafik ziane
    rafik ziane7 órája

    Wow I just so the video cause ja rule's in it it's been a long time y is he even there he's not a star any More not since 50 destroyed him

  • Jesse Taner
    Jesse Taner7 órája

    Ja rule snitching..

  • Joe McConville
    Joe McConville7 órája

    Thank god Ja was there

  • 907 Man
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    Damn that reporter is HOT

  • joshua D
    joshua D7 órája

    Jesus everything about this production is disgusting. Killing brain cells instantly

  • mllop aeet
    mllop aeet7 órája

    " I only fight real fighters" and defenceless old men in pubs

  • Cyle Enos
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    There’s ja rule remaining relevant

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    Why is ja rule even there. He was disgraced and booted out of the game many years ago. He's a goof

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    Vanilla ice boy rappers 😂🔥

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    Ja rule always there first 9.11 and now this

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    It's a Narcissist party

  • kojackpilsbury
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    I didn't know ja rule was a snitch 😂

  • slow mazda
    slow mazda10 órája

    Mgk was acting real docile, not the usual tough guy energy he has. He’s a real coward and he’s lucky he didn’t die lol

  • Cruisehr28


    8 órája

    Let's be real he wasn't scared he seemed to not be intimidated at all.

  • NWE Capital
    NWE Capital10 órája

    Meanwhile, your kids are wearing masks to school. Great job, America 👍

  • future
    future10 órája

    McGruber trying his hardest to stay relevant....

  • Jeremy Johnson
    Jeremy Johnson10 órája

    Conor McGregor should win a VMA for that spiffing suit and interview expression. Ha-ha YEAH! 3:)

    KEEP TALKING 😇10 órája

    What a disgusting creature.. very disgraceful

  • Leo
    Leo11 órája

    Since when has ja rule been a “celebrity”? That ship sailed a loooooong time ago!

  • Dean
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    Narcisstic personality disorder in action.

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    We Share Drone Views of Countries and Cities. Visits Our Channel. Thanks.

  • Michail Jankow
    Michail Jankow11 órája

    Connor McGregor is a Jerk, who suffer heavily under Narcistic Desorder , I am so happy that Justin and the Habib beat him so good! With Money You can not buy education and good behaviour!🤔🙄😡

  • Storm Leeuwin
    Storm Leeuwin11 órája

    Machine Gun “Who the hell is that guy” Kelly

  • B. W.
    B. W.11 órája

    these 'people' are dopplegangers of the capital from hunger games

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi11 órája

    " I only fight real fighters" and defenceless old men in pubs

  • Richard White
    Richard White11 órája

    Conor Macgregor got in a fight with Machine Gun Kelly? Where is Ja?!

  • RatPackish
    RatPackish12 órája

    Because real men throw drinks.

  • serdy ximi

    serdy ximi

    11 órája

    They’re a sexy couple

  • jose delgado
    jose delgado12 órája

    little Vannilla Rapper i only fight real fighters hahaha go CONOR THE MEGRAGOR

  • Mia Styless
    Mia Styless12 órája

    Wow magen fox sounded so incredibly stupid. 😳 I'm shocked. Was she high? Calling him daddy?! like he told in old interviews that he tells his groupies to call him that. Is she a groupie? And wtf he dont talk? Weirdos 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

  • FarmyardFab
    FarmyardFab12 órája

    I really want to hear what Ja rule has to say about the withdrawal in Afghanistan. PLEASE JA RULE TELL US.

  • Bud
    Bud12 órája

    The only reason I know MGK was because of Eminem diss, and Megan fox from transformers 1 movie

  • First Tent On The Right
    First Tent On The Right12 órája

    Holy shit these people are out of touch

  • Erik Brice Ledford
    Erik Brice Ledford12 órája

    Mgk looking like blades of glory

  • Totally not Suspicious Email
    Totally not Suspicious Email12 órája

    Cmon Megan. You are better than this

  • Dhaval Yadav
    Dhaval Yadav12 órája

    What about fighting with khabib

  • Gregoriano V
    Gregoriano V12 órája

    This boy has suicidal issues ...

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    I don't even knowwwww

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    The tea

  • Sasquatch94
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    Oof. Boyyyyyyyy xd

  • TheChickenPuke
    TheChickenPuke13 órája

    Ja rule calls it tea. I call it being a snitch rat. No wonder why 50 ruined his career

  • Upper class Potato
    Upper class Potato13 órája

    Ja rule snitching again 😭

  • Vicky Tran
    Vicky Tran13 órája

    They’re a sexy couple

  • Elijah Madourie
    Elijah Madourie14 órája

    Mgk still scared

  • Vanlalruati Ruati
    Vanlalruati Ruati14 órája

    mgk is not a raper ET

  • Hi-TyCh
    Hi-TyCh14 órája

    Of course ja, saw it. 🙄

  • Laughs Loudest
    Laughs Loudest14 órája

    Conors new name is ‘Rich little weirdo’ 😂🤣😂

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    L McMill14 órája

    Where’s JAAAA???

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    Narcissistic freaks 🤪

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    Ja Rule a snitch

  • Muay Boran
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    MGK wanted to taste Conor’s left hand

  • life right?
    life right?15 órája

    Megan and mgk were very odd

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    Connor stuttering 😂🤣 “I… I… I don’t know the guy”

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    "he's the most talented boy in the world" you know she lying💀💀💀

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    We would forget about mgk if he didn't date megan

  • Dr. Fill
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    What's on mgk have?

  • CitizenCas
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    Ja Rule and Ashanti❤️

  • getoverurself
    getoverurself16 órája

    And all the dumb, death & blind keep voting democrat garbage in. Take a good look at these clown "celebs". YOU keep masking up peasant...

  • Zan Ford
    Zan Ford16 órája

    For the record..Connor would destroy MGK..

  • anshul singh
    anshul singh17 órája

    " Vanilla Ice " 😂😂😂

  • Hanna Yachou
    Hanna Yachou17 órája

    "I'm just relaying the message..." that shit will get you killed!

  • Zᴀᴍʙᴀᴋ Uᴊɪ
    Zᴀᴍʙᴀᴋ Uᴊɪ17 órája

    Ja rule😅🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂

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    Imagine a fighter being the richest person at the VMAs

  • illement7
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    LMAO is that Ja Rule, what year is this, 2000?!

  • Rich’s Pizza Party
    Rich’s Pizza Party18 órája

    Even more surprising is Ja Rule being there, who let him in?

  • Fuckmyasscheese E
    Fuckmyasscheese E18 órája

    Yo connor such an OG

  • Gary Whitehead
    Gary Whitehead18 órája

    He said I only fight fighters but what about that old guy he sucker punched in the bar sitting down on a stool at that? He just wanted some attention so he stirred some shit.